WP & Plugin Updates

I just got through updating WP and all of my plugins to the latest versions. It takes some time because I’ve made modifications to about half of the plugins and it’s a PITA to upgrade my test system, test it, make sure I’ve made all necessary changes and then upgrade the production box and make the changes that are needed.

It’s worth it to stage all of the upgrades so that I don’t totally FUBAR the production box, but it definitely makes the task run a bit longer.

Luckily, most of the plugins don’t tend to have crazy updates, so I just need to get a diff of my changes and basically apply it to the new version of code instead of having to re-engineer the functionality against a new code base.

If anyone finds anything odd about the site, feel free to holler at me via the contact form. Though everything’s looking good right now.

Oh, and I’m back from a very productive trip to LA that was 100% related to BME. As a totally unrelated, but exceptionally cool, aside, I’m still overjoyed that I got to hear the space shuttle’s sonic boom on its way to land on Saturday.

Sep 15th, 2009 | Posted in IT, Programming, Site News, Travel
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