Welcome Back Haiku!!

A few days ago, I posted about determining the number of syllables in a word. I’m still happy with it despite a number of edge cases that I know won’t get caught.

I ported the old haiku that were submitted years ago from an old database backup to the new database and rewrote a front-end for it. You can get there by simply clicking on the Haiku link in the main pages list at the top of the page. The biggest pain in the ass is dealing with html encoding and special characters that go along with it that aren’t alpha.

Right now, you can add new haiku and view random haiku. I still need to write a paginated view so you can look through all of them — but that’ll be for another day.

Feel free to submit some of your own and look at those that other people have submitted — that’s why it’s there!!

Oct 18th, 2009 | Posted in Programming, Site News
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