Trying Out My Canon MP-E 65 – House Spider

I wanted to share some of the first “real” shots with my MP-E 65 that I took today. With the world starting to wake up around us, we’re getting some little critters to shoot… finally.

This little house spider was hanging out on a door jamb and being rather patient with me while I snapped away. He started out in a really bad spot, so when he got restless, I transplanted him to another door jamb.

The shots are at 3x and 5x, respectively. I’m using the MT-24 EX for light. Like all of my macro shots I post, I didn’t do any cropping and only the most basic RAW-to-JPEG conversion.

Definitely not the easiest thing that I’ve done, and definitely not the best shots either. I can see that the MP-E is going to be a huge learning curve – especially when I’m shooting moving critters mere millimeters from the front of my lens.

… but it’s just the type of technical challenge that I enjoy.

Mar 15th, 2009 | Posted in Photography
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