Time And Tide Wait For No Man

I can’t believe we’re already more than half way through September. That brings my time in Hawaii thus far to 4.5 months. It simultaneously feels like no time at all and something approaching forever. Before I know it, it’s going to be 2012.

I know a lot of people that say that they’d miss the seasons if they moved to Hawaii. I’m not one of those people. I’m happy with having a single, awesome, sunny season. But one thing that I realized is that the seasons definitely do add a nice pacing to the year. And for someone like me that is really bad at mentally measuring the passage of time, a month can flash by without even noticing.

That doesn’t bother me too much since most of my recognition of the seasons boiled down to something like the following:

Spring: being happy it was no longer Winter, but really just waiting for it to be Summer

Summer: being happy

Fall: being sad that Summer is over and dreading the approach of Winter

Winter: being rather miserable and basically just waiting for Spring to bring a reprieve

That basically left me only 3 months total to really enjoy myself… and if those few months happened to be fairly busy with non-fun stuff, it was particularly painful.

Now, without having been here a year, it’s had to say what annual patterns will really imprint on me. There’s one huge one that I’m extremely excited for – and that’s the arrival of the whales. That highlight aside, I’m sure there’s other things that will be noted and measured year-to-year. They just escape me right now.

The other important thing to consider is that I lived in Massachusetts for over 30 years before finally moving. The passage of the northeast seasons is somewhat ingrained into parts of my brain that I can’t even access. It will definitely be a little while until I’m able to mentally decouple what the seasons “should be” and what they really are.

Until then, regardless of the speed at which time appears to fly by, I’ll try to just enjoy the great weather and total lack of the “bad” seasons.

Sep 18th, 2011 | Posted in Hawaii, Travel
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