The Great RSS Migration

I’m getting ready to get a new iMac. This will be an upgrade to my “primary host” which is currently an older Macbook Pro (though not so old as to not be an aluminum unibody). I expect that the laptop could die virtually any day and I’m trying to be prepared.

My normal routine is to bring the laptop into the livingroom with me and work off of that. The main thing that locks me onto the laptop is my RSS feeds.

A long time ago, I started using OS X’s to manage my RSS feeds. It made a lot of sense to keep it in the same place that I receive my mail. The biggest problem with this solution is that Mail doesn’t sync the feeds to anything. And since I follow 50 separate feeds, having two out-of-sync clients is a horrible idea. If I’m going to use a fairly unmovable iMac, then I want to utilize my iPad when I’m not in my office. It’ll also be a huge benefit when I’m traveling, as I prob won’t have a laptop to bring with me and an iPad is a great laptop replacement for travel.

So there are two issues to overcome:

  1. I need to find an RSS client that can sync across multiple clients
  2. I need a way to export my current feeds into that new client

Problem 1 was solved with Google Reader. It works great in a browser and on the iPad. Everything stays synced when you view items on different machines. It’s really awesome.

The second took some digging, but I finally came across this post which provides a tool to export your Mail RSS feeds into a format that Google Reader can import. It didn’t work as-written for me because the path it expected was slightly wrong. It also didn’t get feeds that were in folders, which I worked around by copying them into the root folder. It wouldn’t be difficult to build out the script to be more robust, but it’s really not necessary.

Making a quick code patch took only a few mins and, once done, I was good to go.

After a day on Reader, I’m both impressed and very satisfied. Definitely makes the transition to heavier iPad reliance easier.

Jan 19th, 2013 | Posted in IT, Nerd
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