The Great Lego Pneumatics Return

Something very exciting is happening in 2010. While that’s a very open-ended claim, I’m just going to jump to the chase — Lego is reintroducing pneumatics in their Technics line.

Lego 8049 Log Loader

Lego 8049 Log Loader

After many years of requests from consumers and fans, the Lego Technic Log Loader 8049 will include pneumatic components in a mainline Lego set-

  • 2 pneumatic cylinders
  • 2 pneumatic switches
  • 1 pneumatic pump
  • a bunch of tubing

There’s also the possibility of some T-junctions because there’s mention of the option to add an auxiliary air tank to the set:

Add compressor function by purchasing 8293 Power Functions Motor Set

At only $60 (and available for pre-order on now), what’s most exciting is that with this being the highest-priced set of the first quarter of 2010, there’s still room for a really big set to incorporate even more pneumatics later in the year! Maybe we’ll see something epic like the amazing Lego 8455 Pneumatic Backhoe.

Only time will tell… but this is a great restart of one of the greatest sub-sets that Lego has ever put out. Add these to the Lego Power Functions and and Lego Mindstorms sets, and you have a really large set of amazing tools for the creative designer!

Oct 9th, 2009 | Posted in Lego
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