I stayed up way too late last night and today got off to a slower start than I had planned. I still managed to get out and get shopping done for my mom. I think she’ll be happy.

While wandering around Quincy Market there was a very small petting zoo that was set up. Naturally, I took a few pictures. As much as I hate the weather, small kids over-bundled in winter gear trying to clubsily pet animals is always cute.

I was then going to stop by the cyclorama to visit a friend at a bizzar type thing they were having. Unfortunately, when I drove over there the line to get in stretched down the street and around the corner. As much as I wanted to stop in, I didn’t want to wait an hour and a half in line just to say hi.

The rest of the day has been filled with cleaning, laundry and some movies. All-in-all, a good mix of productivity and relaxation – can’t beat it.

Dec 11th, 2005 | Posted in Archive
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