Steve, Send The Phone Spiders!

I’m absolutely amazed with the number of aspiring web indexes/search engines there are. I’m equally amazed at how many of them compare themselves to Google in some fashion. As mentioned below, I’ve been paying more attention to my access logs and the number of spiders/crawlers/bots/whatever you want to call them is crazy.

The only tip I have is that if you want to compete in that market, do something unique. Trying to out-Google Google isn’t going to work. Having a million-billion sites indexed doesn’t help you if your search results suck or take forever to be returned. Impress me with some meaningful content-aware app that knows what I’m looking for even before I do… and do it without being bigbrother creepy.

Anyway, I got a response from the “bandwidth thief” below… who turned out to at least have a good sense of humor about the whole thing. I still find the whole episode hilarious. I’m so lucky that I can amuse myself!

In the site news category (something that I’m sure most people don’t give a rat’s ass about), I’ve added a “top 10 pages viewed” feature to the sidebar. I had to do some minor hacking to get the output to play nice with my theme, but it wasn’t too difficult. I could turn on a per-page counter but would think that that’s a bit cheesy and obnoxious. At least it’s out of the way over there and you choose to ignore it. Naturally, it’s not retroactive and counting starts as of installation earlier this evening.

That’s the long and short. Not a ton going on. Just trying to get back into work mode.

I think I’m going to go buy some candy on Amazon.

Feb 23rd, 2009 | Posted in Random, Site News
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    Thanks for adding the plugin. One suggestion if you want to put the count is just below the post title.

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