Site Tinkering

More site news – for those that care.

  1. Added new Contact page
  2. Added new About page
  3. Minor change to code so that when a page has comments disabled, it will not output the “Comments are closed.” message – because it’s simply ugly and unnecessary
  4. Minor change to code to properly respect user-defined page order in the header

That’s about it. Nothing too special, just bringing everything together.

I think the theme that I chose was written a few versions ago and doesn’t have support for a lot of the newer features. It’s not a huge problem for me (for instance, I don’t need threaded comments), but I just have to wonder at what point maintaining the theme will outweigh the value of finding one that’s written for the current version of WordPress.

I haven’t reached that point yet – but that’s probably because I’ve been able to fix all the problems I’ve encountered thus far. We’ll see if I get to a point where that’s not the case.

Feb 26th, 2009 | Posted in Site News
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