Removed My Nipple Ring

A bit earlier tonight I removed my nipple ring. It was migrating and REFUSED to stop crusting up and I was getting little bumps on the sides of the exit holes. All in all, not a good scene and it wasn’t making any progress.

So, in classic BME tradition, I decided to take some before & after pics. :)

You’ll notice quite a bit of crusties on the ring, as I took the pics before I cleaned it after I got home from work.

I then cleaned them with sea-salt and a q-tip and removed all of the dry skin and crusties as I could. I then did an actual sea-salt soak and “massaged” my nipple to make sure that any lymph was removed during the soak. It’s not something that you want to be encapsulated in your nipple when the ends close up. If so, you’re just asking for trouble.

So, in massaging it, my nipple started to bleed just slightly. Not too surprising given that they were still lymphing and that they were migrating. Since there wasn’t any white or green “stuff”, I figured I was pretty good and dried everything up.

I snapped another pic and that was that. Everything’s looking good now and I’m sure I’ll have them re-pierced in a few months (that would be the 3rd time for each nipple!). I think I’m going to try a larger gauge right off. The first time was at 14g and they migrated. The second time they were done at 12g and they migrated too. I want to go for 8g or 6g and hope they stay put this time. If they migrate out this time, I’ll probably give up.

They say third time’s a charm – we’ll see!

Mar 15th, 2002 | Posted in Archive
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