I just placed an order on Amazon. Got a VBScript book because the two I have are horribly dry and I just can’t make it through them. The content isn’t difficult, but I’m having a horrible time staying committed to reading it. A friend sent a PDF version of one she’s reading and it’s going by a lot easier, so I’m picking that up. I’m also picking up two inexpensive jewelry books after looking around and hopefully they will help with my “finishing” some stuff I’m doing. Making the pieces themselves are rather simple for me, it’s just the clasps and other finishing touches that I’m not so great at.

At the end of September it looks like I’m going to Vancouver for work for a week. Should be fun. From there I’m thinking about flying down to Mexico for a week. I’m working out the details, but it’s pretty much set. I’ll post details once tickets are booked.

Beyond that, been trying to stay busy. It’s working with varying degrees of success. I’m going to start picking up more weekend shifts to supplement all the traveling that I want to do along with getting rid of my current car and picking up a new one. I don’t know exactly what I want yet though. I’m definitely aiming for something on the smaller side with better-than-average gas milage, but I don’t want something too small. I don’t like feeling like I’m driving a gocart around.

Anyone have any car suggestions?

Sep 9th, 2005 | Posted in Archive
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