Long Time, No Update

I’ve been a bit neglectful lately. Whoops. in the last few weeks I managed to get a little diving in and a decent amount of photography.

Corinne’s been very busy with work and has been put up in a hotel for a while. It’s definitely strange with her not being around, but it’s only temporary and she’ll be back full time on Thursday night.

Photo class has been going well and I definitely feel a lot more comfortable with my camera and confidence in what I’m doing. Here’s a couple of pictures from this past weekend.

Anyway, I’m going to get back to shark week. While there’s a lot of over-dramatization and some semi-dodgy science, there’s still a lot of great footage and some good information if you know what to pay attention to.

I like bees.

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Weekend Extravaganza

This weekend we went to the Brockton Fair. It was much larger than I had expected and we had a good time. I think we spent more time at the agricultural part than any other single area of the fair.

There really wasn’t any sort of side show there, unfortunately. There were only a few randomly scattered oddities. I didn’t pay up to see any of them, since most of them were very poorly presented. One of them did catch my eye though, but it tucked strangely out of the way and looked like it wasn’t even open. I’m sure it would have been “totally awesome”.

Corinne noticed the name of this fun house:

For all those Geek Love fans, you should be amused. I don’t know why they went with a wild west theme for the decor, though. I did some quick Googleing and found that this is a mass-produced carnival attraction though. Maybe the name “Crystal Lil” has some other significance that I’m not aware of. Either way, it would have been a lot cooler if there were a Geek Love-themed mural on the side of the fun house instead.

Once again, I was left with just my camera phone to take pictures. I didn’t think there was going to be much there, so I didn’t bother taking a real camera. I should just start bringing one of my cameras with me everywhere I go.

Either way, fun was had by all and we’ll probably end up going to any other random fairs or carnivals we happen across this summer.

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What Have I Been Up To?

Aside from my Scoobie-like crime solving hijinx, I’ve been rather busy lately. Here’s a run down of what’s been going on.

Last weekend Corinne and I did our final open water dives to be certified scuba divers. The weekend went well and our c-cards are in the mail. I was expecting to be uncomfortably cold (water temp was about 55*), but the wet suits did a great job of keeping us warm. Diving takes a lot out of you – if for no other reason than carrying all the damned heavy equipment!

Wednesday was the first day of the photography course I’m taking at the New England School of Photography. Given that it was the first class, we didn’t do a lot, but the bit we did do sure did help solidify a few of the rough concepts that I had begun amassing. I’m really excited to build a real foundation and know what the fuck I’m doing. Since next Wednesday is the 4th of July, we won’t have class, but will pick things up on the 11th.

Last night, Corinne and I went to the Medieval Manor in Boston to celebrate one of my friend’s birthdays. It was a lot of fun and I think everyone had a good time. There was some frustration getting there in the first place (damned big dig), but we got there on time regardless.

Tomorrow, we have a party/BBQ to go to in the evening hours and before that I’m taking Corinne somewhere. I haven’t told her where (it’s a surprise), but it should be fun. Her persistent attempts at tricking me into revealing the location have all failed – she’s just going to have to wait until tomorrow afternoon. I love a good surprise.

And that largely brings me up to the present. I’m sure there’s all sorts of random things I’ve left out, but that’s the way it is.

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How To Catch A Thief

A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some of my food was missing from one of my drawers. At first, I thought that maybe I was just not paying attention and was eating stuff faster than I noticed. Then the last of something disappeared and an empty box was left – this is something I know I would have remembered doing – which meant someone was taking my food.

Basically, I did what any good geek would do, I set up a webcam.

I positioned the cam under a riser my monitors sit on and made sure I could catch the drawer my food was in as well as the faces of people that walked by my cube. I downloaded a free webcam app that had a schedule (so I could time it for when I wasn’t in the office) and a good motion detection option.

With everything in place, this is what I found:

It was the night cleaning lady. She came in and emptied my trash, then swung by for a withdrawal. Looks like she had some dinnertime munchies (this happened at 18:52).

You can clearly see her opening the drawer, taking out a poptart and walking away with it in her hand.

After I got this, I immediately sent the images to my manager who forwarded them to our office manager. That cleaning person wasn’t allowed back into our office and the company contracted to do that work was notified.

Chances are, she wasn’t fired. My guess is that since they’re willing to work for very little that they just silently moved her to another building. I don’t “want people to lose their jobs”, but I definitely want people to be held accountable for their actions. Since she knew where to get my snacks, that means she had to have gone through my desk drawers to find out. It also means she’s probably done it to everyone else’s desks in the entire office. In two words: not cool.

At least people at that cleaning company know that “we’re watching” and will hopefully stay out of our stuff.

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Here’s the skinny:

    I catch thieves.

    I’m a certified diver.

    I’m slightly sunburnt.

    I have some IMs to respond to.

    I haven’t forgotten about you.


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More Graffiti

I happened upon this other nice tidbit on the bathroom wall today at the urinal. It was off to the side and rotated about 45 degrees counter-clockwise. I had to tool with the levels a bit so you could make out the writing.

Poor lighting + worse writing on a non-flat wall + not-so-great cam phone = shitty pic.

It say:

    Jim gives good head

With “good” starting vertically off of the “G” in “gives”. Then there’s the obligatory joker response of:

    Can I have some?

I don’t know if either of these bozos are the same ones that wrote the first one, but I’d guess yes. The only reason this surprises me is because this is an office building – and I’ve never had graffiti in a work place before. Personally, I hope it ends soon.

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Try Some Vagina Next Time

Our office building has had a huge influx of new people the last month or two. There’s been about 300 new people upstairs and so many contractors that it’s impossible to keep track of them.

Since that happened, some graffiti popped up in the men’s bathroom next to our office. I hastily stitched a few cell phone shots together since the visual is about as important as the message.

So this sits on one of those wax paper toilet seat cover dispensers over the toilet in one of the stalls. You have to click on the picture – it’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, the top line reads:

    I fucked him hard in the ass w/ pix to prove it

The best part is the second line, which more clearly reads:

    Try some Vagina next time. You might Like it?

The fact that the last part’s a question is interesting. You’d think if you went to the trouble to write something in sharpie in a toilet stall, that you’d be confident of the statement you were making. I dunno.

Anyway, I had to share that one… it’s amusing.

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Audit This Host

The week’s chugging along – no complaints there.

Monday, Corinne and I went and bought wetsuits, hoods and gloves for our open water dive in a week and a half. While we easily could have rented that stuff for our dive (and we’ll be renting other stuff), I figured that 1) we’ll be diving in cold water so it’s something we’ll want anyway, 2) if you rent gear for a while, you can easily pay more than just buying your own and 3) people pee in wetsuits – and I don’t want to wear something that someone pees in.

I’m not sure what I’ll be buying next in terms of gear, but we’ll see. One thing at a time and all that. It’s an expensive sport that requires a lot of gear and luckily you don’t need to buy it all at once. With so much of it being extremely important life support equipment, it’s worth trying out a few things to see what I like before making a hefty investment.

Anyway, I can’t wait for the weekend. Not so much because we have some crazy super fun plans, but more because I won’t be at work. And while I don’t generally dislike my job, it’s still not something I’d choose to do for free.

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Cat In A Box

Today was pretty much a day of shopping. Nothing really exciting to report about it other than it was fairly painless.

Corinne was checking out the shoes that she got and Sabine decided to repurpose the shoebox. The best part is that she sticks out a bit.

Enjoy the “cat in a box” pics. Too cute.

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Sorry, Didn’t See You There

After work, Michele and I went out to see Joe at his shop. She’s looking to get some work done and they were meeting to discus the plan and make a stencil of her leg. That all went swimmingly and I headed home afterwards.

I live on a dead end street. Getting to it requires driving down the beginning of the road and making a clean 90 degree turn at one point, which then has another 90 degree turn to take an other street to a main road. If you don’t take the second street, you head straight down towards my apartment. You can see a Google map here if you’re not sure what I mean. I live on Chestnut, btw.

Oh, and it’s important to note that these roads here aren’t big enough for two cars to drive down side-by-side due to people parking. You typically need to pull off to let someone by when there’s two-way traffic. I personally think the route should be one-way, but that’s just me.

As I approach the first 90 degree turn, I’m behind two cars. The lead car goes around it and goes to make a left onto Glenvale. Coming up to the top of Glenvale is another car, so the usual clusterfuck of “oh shit, there’s no way we can pass each other” ensues. The lead car decides that it’s going to just back up. The car in front of me decides that it too is going to back up. It also decided it’s going to do this without seeing what’s behind it.

So, I see reverse lights go on and I honk. Reverse lights still stay on and the car starts moving backwards – so I lay on the horn. I figured this was a clear “Hey, please don’t hit me” plea. Then I get hit.

Fucking awesome.

It was low speed and I’m in a jeep. I was hoping to have cracked the car’s bumper, but no luck. My car is fine. The lady got out and was very apologetic, but I was just in a “Yeah, pay more attention you friggin idiot” mood. It wasn’t so much the “I got hit” part that ticked me off as it was the “You’re in the fucking road and backing up without looking behind you?!?!?!” part. And it’s not like you can’t see me if you looked – I’m in a big yellow jeep!

So yeah… I was frustrated after that.

What the fuck is wrong with people?!?!

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