Not Quite 5 Hour Energy

I’m up late tonight with some overnight maintenances for work.

On one hand, it’s only 11pm here because work is pegged to EDT and I’m in HST. The bad thing is that I’m also pretty tied to EDT and wake up at 5am or earlier. If I were still on the East Coast, it’d be 5am and I’d have been up from the night prior, with work starting at 11:30pm. But given that I’m still waking up really early, the fact that it’s only 11pm is somewhat immaterial — especially when you consider how long I’ve been working today. The raw hours are a bit scary.

From my last trip to Oahu, I had a leftover “5 Hour Energy” drink that I never ended up needing. It was the first time I had bought one, but figured since I’d be up really late, it was probably worth having it just in case. Well, ‘in case’ never came so it traveled back with me to sit in my medicine cabinet. Around 8pm, I could tell that I was starting to get a tad slower. I was far from “tired”, but I knew I was going to be feeling it in a few hours despite the copious amounts of Coke that I’ve been consuming all day long. With that realization, I went to the medicine cabinet and cracked open the tiny bottle.

While bringing it to my mouth to drink, I paused and read the “instructions”. Basically, they said “drink half of the bottle if you want 1/2 the energy in the bottle, but drink the whole thing if you want super energy”. I knew I had at least 5-6 hours of work ahead of me, so I figured it was both safe and prudent to go all in.

Here’s where disappointment sets in — it’s only 3 hours later (I’m still working) and I feel exactly like I would have had I not taken that drink. I have to do a lot of out-of-hours work and get woken up in the middle of the night with phone calls, so I’ve got a pretty good bead on how I react to sleep and sleep deprivation.

My loose assumption is that my body is pretty well tuned to break down stimulants given my diet that consists of a large amount of sugar and caffeine sources. I’m one of those people that can drink soda right up to going to bed and my eyes still shut when I hit the pillow. Maybe this should have flavored my expectation of efficacy, but given the explicit goal of the drink, I was hoping for more.

Next time, I’ll just take an afternoon nap.

Aug 30th, 2011 | Posted in Random, Work
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