New (to me) Car

Since moving, we’ve been a one-car household. For the most part, this hasn’t been a real problem since I work from home and Corinne will use the car to get to work as needed.

There are three issues though.

The first is that if the jeep has a problem and ends up in the garage, Corinne can’t get to work. In Boston, we had the extensive public transportation system to rely on as a backup plan. While Maui has some busses, they’re nothing like the robust public transportation system a larger city has and it won’t be reliable enough for daily commuting.

The second is gas. The jeep is a ton of fun and perfect for Hawaiian island life. But jeeps don’t get good gas mileage and Hawaiian islands don’t have inexpensive gas to buy… so a smaller, more fuel-efficient car has a lot of benefits for the bank account over the long-run.

And the third reason is that when I get off of work in the early afternoon, many days I’m just stranded for hours because the jeep is on the other side of the island. That’s no fun. While it’s a totally personal issue and something I knew that I’d have to deal with when we were planning the move and planning on only having the one car, it does wear on you after 8 months.

With some money assigned to the task, we went out today and poked around to see what was available. The thing to keep in mind is that selection is just really limited and the dollars don’t stretch as far as on the mainland. So while I ended up spending more than I had wanted to, I’m happy and confident in the purchase and am now the owner of a ’02 Ford Focus. I think it’ll work very well as a primary car for Corinne and as a backup in general.

Jan 7th, 2012 | Posted in Hawaii
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