MySQL Database Management On OS X

For the longest time, I’ve used phpMyAdmin to manage my MySQL databases when a UI was required. While it definitely gets the job done, I was never a fan of the web interface and I figured it was the best option available.

A few weeks ago while in LA, I was shown Sequel Pro. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s kinda like a Macified SQL Query Analyzer tool – which is awesome. Oh, and it’s free!

One of the greatest features is that when you’re configuring a database to connect to, you can specify an SSH host to tunnel through for the connection. This is great because it allows you to prevent having to open up your MySQL privileges to everyone (especially useful if you connect from multiple networks or if the IP of those networks changes) and you can specify separate credentials for the SSH tunnel and the database login (since most people will have different accounts and passwords for each.

Sequel Pro has definitely earned a spot on my dock.

Sep 27th, 2009 | Posted in IT, Nerd
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