Manta At Honolua Bay

We had a sunrise whale watch yesterday that was pretty amazing. I didn’t bring my camera gear with me because the plan was to head up to Honolua Bay to snorkel afterwards (which meant leaving thousands of dollars in photo equipment in the car – which I’d rather not risk). Instead, I just brought my not-awesome set of underwater photo gear with me.

Due to a lot of recent rain, the top 2-3 feet was really murky. There was also a really crazy thermocline that kept the top really chilly. The entrance was also particularly frigid. After toughing that out, we were rewarded by getting to see our first manta ray ever:

There’s a few more shots of this guy in the Underwater Gallery.

Also had the opportunity to shoot a turtle getting some cleaning

and a moray protecting his home

As far as brief snorkel trips go, this one was top notch!

Feb 8th, 2013 | Posted in Hawaii, Photography
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