MacBook Pro ODD Saga: Conclusion

Got a call on Thursday that the part was finally in to replace my failed optical drive.

They said that they would need to hold onto my laptop for a day or two, but what I wanted to do was to basically have it replaced while I waited for it. My basic position was that I knew that the work itself only took a few minutes to complete and that a lot of time is spent with some post-upgrade diagnostics. If they skipped the memtest, then they could just swap it out, turn it around and be done. At some point, my “place in the repair queue” would be up and I just wanted to drop my laptop off then and wait for the repair.

The plan was to show up at 9 this morning and they’d take care of things. I got there early (as I always do for everything) and they took my laptop at 8:45. I played around with an iPad for a while and by 9:05, I was back in my car headed to work with my repaired MacBook.

I have to say, they were really accommodating and really took care of me.

Definitely winning some loyalty points even I think it’s far too soon for a rarely-used DVD drive to fail.

Aug 30th, 2010 | Posted in IT

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