Mac Problems — Good and Bad

I’ve been to the Apple Store far too many times in the past few days.

The first trip was yesterday. I went in because for the past couple of months, the batter/HD cover wouldn’t fit on my Macbook Pro. A few months back, I had to go in because a screw kept falling out. This was due to a bracket that the screw fit into being stripped. They replaced the bracket easily enough — it just required that they open up my laptop to replace it. Pretty easy stuff. I assumed that there was some connection between the two issues and presented this information to the tech.

After reseating some screws and after I mentioned that the battery still didn’t sit properly in the space, he took a look at the battery and noticed that it had bubbled out on the bottom. There was probably a capacitor that was getting ready to burst. I filled out some paperwork and got a replacement battery and left a happy customer.

I didn’t have anything going on today and decided that I wanted to upgrade to Snow Leopard and get a copy of Parallels. Easy enough – just a quick trip and that was done. Ran some other chores while in the area and headed home.

Here’s where the problems began — when I dropped in the Snow Leopard upgrade disk, it got spat back out shortly thereafter without the disk mounting. Then I remembered about a week and a half ago that I tried to watch a DVD on my laptop that the same thing happened. I had assumed that it was a problem with my DVD and was too busy to think about it anymore. This is when I knew my day just took a downturn.

I looked up a few articles and finally decided that, for the second time today, I had to head to the Apple Store and ultimately get a new DVD drive.

Drove back, walked over, got signed up and got seen immediately. After some quick diagnostics, the prognosis is exactly what i expected — I need a replacement. Unfortunately, they don’t have any and they’re going to have to order some and call me when they have it. Sometime on Tuesday or Wednesday, I should get a call and I’m going to try to arrange to have the drive replaced while I wait.

The tech that I was talking to was very forthcoming with a lot of the details and why things take so long. One tip is that after the replacement, they have a bunch of diagnostics that they run. The longest of these is a memory test. I’ve ran various memory tests and they do take forever. On a host with 4G of RAM, that will almost certainly take longer than the optical drive replacement. I just need to tell them to forgo the memtest and that’ll hopefully keep me from having to wait too long.

These are the aspects of having a laptop that I’m not a fan of.

Aug 22nd, 2010 | Posted in IT
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