Last Night’s Mishap…

Well, I woke up sometime after 2:00a randomly. I instinctively reached up to feel my septum and realized that my plug was missing. Fuckin’ great! Luckily, it was just on the bed and I found it rather quickly. Naturally, there was an o-ring missing (which I was never able to find. So, from full slumber I’m forced to find some lube and get my septum plug back in so I don’t lose any gauges (and given how my septum is, I would have been A LOT smaller if I hadn’t have noticed until morning).

So, I get everything in and all is fine so I go to my little jewelry bin to get another o-ring that might fit. So I get it on and *smack* whack the jewelry bin with my hand and 1/2 the pieces go flying all over my floor. Fuckin’ lovely.

So I try to pick up what I can and still haven’t checked it yet since it happened at 2:00am! But I think I got the important stuff. Bah – what a bitch. I really shouldn’t do ANYTHING when just woken up from sleep.

Oh- and then I slept through my alarm for a while in the morning. At least I managed to make it to work on time… barely.

Mar 27th, 2002 | Posted in Archive
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