Dive Day – 20090905

Went diving today. Such a great activity to add to a summer long weekend.

The weather was awesome, the water was “warm” and we got to see a lot of critters. Tons of skates and flounder all over the place, along with the usual assortment of lobster and crabs. More than a few lobster were down claws and a few had none left. I think that was due to male sparring due to mating competition.

One of the coolest thing that we came across was a little gang of hermit crabs battling. There was a spare shell that they were all fighting over and nobody wanted to let anyone get a shot at it. The biggest of the bunch was able to get a shot and do a real quick switch into the new shell. He stayed it in only a few seconds and then hopped back into his original shell. All the while, the rest of the gang was still trying to fight for a chance.

I’ve never seen hermit crabs change shells and it was really neat and a lot faster than I expected.

After the switch, the big guy looked like he was going to keep the shell “just in case”, but backed away and let everyone else battle for it. We took off after the other smaller crabs were battling to a stalemate.

Naturally, I decided not to take my camera today because we didn’t get to sorting out the gear until about 11 last night. Not having the camera probably added to the nice relaxed pace of the dive, but it would have been nice to be able to shoot some of the subjects we saw.

Either way, it was a super cool and a fun “crazy random nature” moment.

Sep 5th, 2009 | Posted in Diving
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