• Apparently, I’m “A Big Guy”

    One thing that I’m not used to is people just being friendly. It’s purely a function of living in a big city (Boston) where people just ignore everyone around them and go about their business. If someone just said “hi” to you randomly on the street, it’d come across as really strange and likely confusing. […]

    Feb 18th, 2009 | Filed under Photography, Random, Travel
  • Airportness

    We’re at the airport waiting for our departure. We got here early since it’s an international departure but we got to the airport super fast, flew through check-in and security was a total non-issue. Even the cab showed up early this morning. Now we have about an hour and a half wait – though probably […]

    Feb 12th, 2009 | Filed under Random, Travel
  • Power – It’s Overrated

    It looks like we lost power not that long ago. I just went into the kitchen and various clocks are flashing. Since I primarily work on a laptop (and was at the time), I didn’t notice anything. I’ve been mostly working locally, so I didn’t evne notice that my router probably disconnected briefly. I did […]

    Feb 8th, 2009 | Filed under Photography, Random
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