• Night Shots – South Huntington

    I pass this intersection every day on my way to work and I’ve been meaning to take some long exposure night shots for well over a year. We have some rain moving in and it was very foggy – which just reflects all the tungsten-heavy light pollution. Overall I’m pretty happy with them – especially […]

    Mar 29th, 2009 | Filed under Photography
  • Lego Minifig Portraits

    Since winter won’t release its icy grip on New England, there’s no fun bugs and critters to take photos of. I was able to snap a bunch of frames at the random spider that apparently lives in the apartment, but I haven’t seen him since. I figure I gotta make some opportunities (and need to […]

    Mar 24th, 2009 | Filed under Lego, Photography
  • Canon Doesn’t Like Prosumers

    I’m finding that the 200mm focal length simply isn’t cutting it for me anymore. My longest lens is the 70-200 f2.8L IS – which I love… a lot. I’ve known for a while that I need more reach and 400mm – 500mm is what I’m aiming at. When I was shooting on a 30D, it […]

    Mar 22nd, 2009 | Filed under Photography
  • Trying Out My Canon MP-E 65 – House Spider

    I wanted to share some of the first “real” shots with my MP-E 65 that I took today. With the world starting to wake up around us, we’re getting some little critters to shoot… finally. This little house spider was hanging out on a door jamb and being rather patient with me while I snapped […]

    Mar 15th, 2009 | Filed under Photography
  • Buried In Your Black Heart

    Nothing major to report. Just lots of little things. Today’s Wednesday, so I picked up some comics on the way home. It was a good day for some titles that I’m a fan of – Deadpool, Farscape, Hellboy and Army of Darkness. I’m going to need to get a new box to hold comics and […]

    Mar 5th, 2009 | Filed under Comics, Photography, Random, Work
  • New Photo Gallery Created

    If you look up, you’ll see a new link: Photo Galleries. I wrote some code to leverage the existing gallery engine that I’m using and display a nice listing of the galleries that I have to show. I’m running the exec-php plugin to allow me to actually embed code in my posts and pages, which […]

    Feb 28th, 2009 | Filed under Photography, Programming, Site News
  • Grand Cayman Photos Added

    In 2008 we went to Grand Cayman for about a week and a half to do some diving. Due to some technical issues, the underwater shots really didn’t turn out, but I got a handful of good topside shots that I’ve posted. They’ve been added to the regular galleries and you can check out the […]

    Feb 27th, 2009 | Filed under Photography, Travel
  • The Post-Vacation Grind

    I’m currently at the dealership getting some minor work done on my Jeep. The heater dial only works when it’s in the “high” mode and I get a small amount of weird feedback when in 4WD. The first is likely a really quick fix. The second, not so sure. We’ll see. I’m also getting the […]

    Feb 26th, 2009 | Filed under Photography, Random, Work
  • Vacation Pictures Uploaded – Bahamas 2009

    I finished editing the last of the images on the flight home and uploaded and tagged them shortly after getting in and settled. You can check them out by clicking on the image below. Enjoy!

    Feb 19th, 2009 | Filed under Diving, Photography, Travel
  • 99% Packed Up – Last Few Hours In Paradise

    I’m amazed at how much easier it was to pack everything up for the return than it was for the arrival. I guess I have all the experience of having done it once before to help it along, whereas the first packing was a bit of a learning experience. One thing that has come out […]

    Feb 19th, 2009 | Filed under Diving, Photography, Travel
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