• Take Out The Trash

    My NAS arrived today and after some poor documentation and frustration, it’s set up and running fine. I’m currently copying over about 400G to it — which is taking quite a while. I’m sure it’ll be running well past the time I head to bed. That aside, I’m definitely seeing a lot of junk that […]

    Jul 9th, 2009 | Filed under IT, Nerd
  • Singh-Ray Vari-ND Filter Test (with images)

    Some people had questions about the Singh-Ray Vari-ND Filter and I wanted to put together a quick set of images for those interested. First, how the test was done: All images were shot on a 5D mark II with the 35mm f1.4 lens. I have a 72mm-77mm step-up ring to attach the vari-nd to the […]

    Jun 7th, 2009 | Filed under Nerd, Photography
  • Back From Portland With A Body Suit

    Back from Portland. Had a great time. Took a bunch of photos that need to get processed. Got a body suit on Wednesday night from Ross Carlson at Living Art Tattoo where I was hanging out. I’m absolutely loving it!

    May 8th, 2009 | Filed under Nerd, Random
  • Nothing ends. Nothing ever ends.

    I saw The Watchmen today. I am a big fan of the comics and expected a lot. Naturally, my expectations weren’t 100% met – but when do these sorts of adaptions truly deliver 100%? Little things aside, I was thoroughly pleased. First, the most unexpected aspect that I was happy with was the soundtrack. It […]

    Mar 15th, 2009 | Filed under Nerd, Random
  • Cubing

    I’ve decided that I want to learn a “speed solving” algorithm for the Rubik’s Cube. I already know a pretty easy-to-memorize algorithm that takes about a minute to two minutes to solve pending how much work needs to be done at each “step”. For whatever reason, I enjoy solving it – even if it’s very […]

    Mar 14th, 2009 | Filed under Nerd, Random
  • legoness

    When not working, I’ve been spending a lot of time building lego sets and tooling around with a tank concept. The inspiration comes from this awesome tank bot created by Brian Davis: I’ve been able to build the basic shooting mechanism and have prototyped a track as well. I need some additional parts before I […]

    Mar 10th, 2009 | Filed under Lego, Nerd
  • Lego 8294 Excavator Build

    I built the Lego 8294 Excavator set and took a series of photos to make a time lapse. While the video isn’t the greatest thing ever (I haven’t really done this before today!), I wanted to share it. I figure this is the only way I’ll learn. Enjoy!

    Mar 5th, 2009 | Filed under Lego, Nerd, Random, Video
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