• Cat Cam Upgrade

    I spent some time and figured out how to stream video from my Raspberry Pi to Ustream. So, starting now, the Cat Cam has actual video instead of stills that get reloaded in the background. It’s a slow frame rate, but FAR better than the previous configuration. Yay technology!

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  • Cat Cam Setup & Info

    I wanted to talk a bit about the webcam that I set up, since it’s far from typical. These days, I imagine most people experience webcams through cameras physically installed into the computer, monitor or phone they’re sitting in front of (if you can consider a phone camera a “webcam”). I’ve owned a few external […]

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  • The Great RSS Migration

    I’m getting ready to get a new iMac. This will be an upgrade to my “primary host” which is currently an older Macbook Pro (though not so old as to not be an aluminum unibody). I expect that the laptop could die virtually any day and I’m trying to be prepared. My normal routine is […]

    Jan 19th, 2013 | Filed under IT, Nerd
  • MacBook Pro ODD Saga: Conclusion

    Got a call on Thursday that the part was finally in to replace my failed optical drive. They said that they would need to hold onto my laptop for a day or two, but what I wanted to do was to basically have it replaced while I waited for it. My basic position was that […]

    Aug 30th, 2010 | Filed under IT
  • Turning Poop Into Poopaid

    On Sunday night, I managed to dig up an old 5 1/4″ USB drive enclosure that was sitting in the back of a drawer, remove a DVD drive from my spare centos box and hook up the now-enclosed drive via USB to my Macbook. That allowed me to upgrade to Snow Leopard and install Parallels […]

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  • Mac Problems — Good and Bad

    I’ve been to the Apple Store far too many times in the past few days. The first trip was yesterday. I went in because for the past couple of months, the batter/HD cover wouldn’t fit on my Macbook Pro. A few months back, I had to go in because a screw kept falling out. This […]

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  • Cleaning Up Maildir Directories

    I have a TON of old messages to clean up in a maildir style directory. I don’t want to just delete them, but I do need to clear some space. Unfortunately, setting up a mail account to download and delete them will take forever. A few Google searches have revealed this fun tool: cleanup-maildir. USAGE […]

    Oct 23rd, 2009 | Filed under IT, Nerd
  • MySQL Database Management On OS X

    For the longest time, I’ve used phpMyAdmin to manage my MySQL databases when a UI was required. While it definitely gets the job done, I was never a fan of the web interface and I figured it was the best option available. A few weeks ago while in LA, I was shown Sequel Pro. It’s […]

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  • ‘watch’ Command For OS X

    I just discovered today that the ‘watch’ command isn’t natively available on OS X. You can apparently get it through Macports. Since I don’t have Macports installed, this seemed like a very heavy solution for a rather small problem. Looking for another solution, I opted for a basic while loop — which is a shell […]

    Sep 26th, 2009 | Filed under IT, Nerd
  • mp3 Naming & ID3 Management Under OS X

    Before my transition to my Mac, I used ID3 Renamer on Windows. It’s a great application and does everything that I need it to do – which is full renaming of mp3 files along with full id3 tag handling. One-stop shopping at its best. And it’s free. Unfortunately, there isn’t an OS X version and […]

    Sep 25th, 2009 | Filed under IT, Nerd
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