• Insubstantial Productivity

    Beyond watching movies (lots!), I haven’t done anything substantial this weekend. That said, I’ve spent a bunch of time optimizing the database on my webserver. I’m going to be launching some blogs over the next few days and I didn’t want to just dump all the tables into the same database – as I have […]

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  • The Grizzly Icing On A Prospector Cake!

    I didn’t have any work to do today – which was pretty awesome. It was nice to break that unfortunate streak that I was on. Despite having today off, I don’t really get a 4-day week. I have to work pretty much all day next Saturday. Suckage. FedEx officially declared that package missing. I called […]

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  • Time enough for earth in the grave

    Got more work to do tonight. It’ll be kicking off at about 10. I’ll probably have to stay up until at least 3 to make sure everything goes smoothly. FedEx officially has no idea where my package is. I’m going to call again in the morning and see if they have any more information. If […]

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  • Still.

    Just finishing up about 15.5 hours of work. I’m exhausted. On top of the hellish day, I worked from home so that I could receive a package that needs to be signed for – but FedEx didn’t show. I so, totally, hate FedEx. It’s always like this – one shitty problem after the next. UPS […]

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  • Overwhelmed

    Today was rough. We had an automated tool totally break – resulting in me having to do way too much work all by hand. Major suckage. I spent a little while this evening after getting home reading a bunch of comics. It was a very necessary cool down from the stress earlier in the afternoon. […]

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  • A Day Of Mild Productivity

    It sucks that the work week starts again tomorrow, but it’s suddenness is probably exacerbated by the fact that I spent pretty much the entire day on Saturday playing with Legos. Seriously. Speaking of Legos, I retrieved my old collection from my closet. Some of the Legos in there are easily over 20 years old […]

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  • Shipping – Oh, how it boggles.

    I know it’s not a race. If it were, USPS would lose EVERY SINGLE TIME. It’s the horribly overweight kid that always finishes last and looks like he’s going to have a heart attack. That all said, let’s look at an interesting scenario. At 14:15 on 1/7/09, I placed an order for a piece of […]

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  • Cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning.

    I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I got home, did the dishes and then started cleaning up my desk. After that (well, kinda during) I performed some needed wire management under my desk and cleaned out all of the dust accumulating under there as well. In the midst of that I set up Time […]

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  • Vacation Secured

    I paid off our vacation in February. We’ll be spending a week in the Bahamas diving with Stuart Cove. Most people have heard of Stuart Cove or at least seen their work, even if they’re not familiar with the name. Over the past few weeks I’ve been getting equipment all sorted and squared away. A […]

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  • I can’t stand winter.

    It’s snowing. I don’t like it. Bah. Xmas was fine. Did the requisite running around – up to Corinne’s family on xmas, down to my father’s the day after. Then a weekend of trying to recover. That was followed by a 3-day week of work that I’m technically still in – though I’m working from […]

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