Buried In Your Black Heart

Nothing major to report. Just lots of little things.

Today’s Wednesday, so I picked up some comics on the way home. It was a good day for some titles that I’m a fan of – Deadpool, Farscape, Hellboy and Army of Darkness. I’m going to need to get a new box to hold comics and another set of dividers soon. Space is getting tight and things are starting to get disorganized – which irks me to no end. Some aspects of my life can be blissfully disorganized, while I get super ADD if others are not. I don’t claim to understand it, I just deal with it.

The past week or so has been Lego-centric. I’ve made a few small purchases for specific pieces that I need for a project that I’m visualizing. I think I’m going to be building a set tomorrow or Friday night (that’s exactly how cool I am) and then start putting specing out what I need for the other work in progress. I think I need a second container for parts. My current one is almost at capacity and I have more things that need to be sorted. Meh.

I ordered some candy through Amazon and I’m waiting on its arrival. It was supposed to show up on Tuesday but didn’t due to the snow we got. Then it was supposed to show up today but apparently requires a signature- even though another package was delivered without one. Luckily I can work from home tomorrow morning and wait for it to show up. It’s just a pain in the ass. At least I’ll have a bunch of candy!

The only other bit of news is that I’ve signed up for a course at NESOP. It’s a creative lighting course, which I’m excited about. Most of the things that I enjoy shooting require external lighting to do well – so anything that helps me in that area is beneficial! There’s also an “advanced” lighting course (meant to be taken after the one I signed up for) which is definitely an option pending how this one goes and what the specific course material will be. Bridges to cross though.

Since I’m working tomorrow evening, I’m forcing myself to stay up a bit later tonight so I can get up a bit later and thus be prepared for the later end time tomorrow. My sleep schedule has been pretty messed up since vacation and I can’t afford to be a zombie while working on production systems in the evenings. Gotta get my sleep scheduled shifted back to where it should be. Hopefully something can get sorted out in the next week or two. This is getting old real fast.

That’s more or less it. Like I said, nothing big. Staying busy, but still not doing a whole lot. Strange how that works out.

Mar 5th, 2009 | Posted in Comics, Photography, Random, Work
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