Back Online

My site was offline for a few hours. The hosting company had some problems that took them a while to fix. Not sure of the details. I just know that when I woke up I didn’t have access to email or any of my domains. Not fun. Only about two months ago there was an issue with a disk that kept the host down for a bunch of hours as well.

Everything’s back up now, but I don’t know if any email was lost. External mail servers should try again a few hours later, so maybe some stuff will trickle in. It’s not that I get a ton of mail — I just don’t want to miss anything that might be important due to a stupid server outage.

All of this has me considering dropping the whole VPS setup and finding a place to host my own physical host. I’d need to find a DNS hosting service (DynDNS used to be super cheap per domain, but that price has sky rocketed), but I’m more than capable of actually administering the box myself.

We’ll see if I actually go through with this or if I’m just pissy due to the outage this morning. It’d be a lot of work up front, but not a bad deal in the long run. It’s not like the VPS is the cheapest thing ever.

Sep 17th, 2009 | Posted in IT, Nerd, Site News
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