Who is Mike Brum?

I’m a computer guy that does computer stuff both for work and as a hobby. I moved to Maui in May 2011. In addition to that, I’m an amateur photographer and avid scuba diver. The two have a nice cross-over in underwater photography. When topside, my primary photographic focus is in macro shooting, but enjoy shooting wildlife, nature and anything action.

I’ve been keeping an online journal of some fashion since before LiveJournal was the coolest thing ever. Long ago are the days in which I edited an HTML file by hand to make “posts” about even more mundane crap than I post about now. I’ve since thrown away all the layers of code that I’ve written over the years and migrated to WordPress. I figured there’s no real reason why I can’t let someone else do the hard work at this point.

All this basically tells you is that I’m the nerd that you’d expect after reading a few of my posts. Hopefully I’ve saved someone some time.

What is MikeBrum.com?

Clearly this is a blog “about me”. I’ll try not to talk as much “about me” as I will “about what’s going on”. The difference is nuanced but it’s an important one. Since everything that’s going on around me gets filtered by my point of view, everything here is “about me” by extension.

If nothing else, this blog is a historical record about me for me. To say that I have a horrible memory for many things is a bit of an understatement. Much to my own frustration, many things are simply not retained. As such, this is about the closest thing I’ll have to an autobiography – because I sure don’t remember most of it and nobody else is going to keep track. Posts go back to October 2001 and were imported into WordPress when I installed this software. It was an ugly hack to get everything in here, but I felt it important given what I mentioned above.

In addition to this site being a crawling narrative of my life, it’s also where I’ve chosen to host examples of my photography.

My Photography

For the gearheads and people obsessed with the technical aspect of things (a group that I tend to be part of) I shoot Canon. I’m not a “fanboy” by any means. It’s just what I got started with and that’s the type of gear that I’m financially invested with. I’ve seen people take amazing photos with every type of gear you can imagine. The creative process resides in the photographer – not their camera.

I’m a firm believer in framing the shot that you actually want to shoot. This is one reason why I rarely ever crop a photo. This is especially true of my macro photography – and there’s no cropped macro photos here. This means that all of the macro shots on here are shot at that size when I mash the shutter button. It’s only through forcing myself to not use all sorts of “digital shortcuts” (many consider it “cheating) have I gotten better at macro photography and continue to hone my technique.

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