• Cat Cam Upgrade

    I spent some time and figured out how to stream video from my Raspberry Pi to Ustream. So, starting now, the Cat Cam has actual video instead of stills that get reloaded in the background. It’s a slow frame rate, but FAR better than the previous configuration. Yay technology!

    Apr 25th, 2014 | Filed under IT, Nerd, Site News, Video
  • Cat Cam Setup & Info

    I wanted to talk a bit about the webcam that I set up, since it’s far from typical. These days, I imagine most people experience webcams through cameras physically installed into the computer, monitor or phone they’re sitting in front of (if you can consider a phone camera a “webcam”). I’ve owned a few external […]

    Apr 25th, 2014 | Filed under IT, Nerd, Programming
  • New Cat Cam!

    Corinne brought home some foster kittens and I set up a webcam with my Raspberry Pi to keep an eye on them. Click the link at the top of the page or click the image below:

    Apr 25th, 2014 | Filed under Random
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