• Monk Seal Black Friday

    Instead of spending hours and hours in stupid lines to fight stupid people for stupid things that we don’t really need anyway, we set out to see if we could spot any whales from shore today. While it’s still a bit early in the season for regular shore sightings, the whales are in the area […]

    Nov 25th, 2011 | Filed under Hawaii, Photography
  • Sunset Over Kaho’olawe

    Went out to snap some sunset pics yesterday. I decided to head south and ended up pretty much as far south you can go without looping around the other side of the island and traverse Hana. Here’s a shot with the sun setting behind Kaho’olawe from the beautiful standpoint of La Perouse Bay.

    Nov 14th, 2011 | Filed under Hawaii, Photography
  • Kite Beach

    I woke up yesterday and it was windy. Really windy. Generally speaking, this is a bit odd. We have a rather predictable cycle where it’s calm in the morning, the wind picks up in the late morning / early afternoon for a few hours and then dies back down again. Plus, I get up early […]

    Nov 10th, 2011 | Filed under Hawaii, Photography
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