• October Closing Down

    It’s the last day of October – Halloween – and I’m not looking forward to the winter at all. I don’t even look forward to fall. If there’s a hell for me, it’s full of ice and snow, not fire — Stygia. I realized that, yet again, I’ve been very bad at updating. Facebook gets […]

    Oct 31st, 2010 | Filed under Random
  • Back In Boston

    Spent a week in Portland, OR visiting Nick and Joe. The break from work was very needed and it was great being able to relax. I left with a decent amount of congestion that made decent into PDX very uncomfortable. My sinuses didn’t want to calm down so I couldn’t equalize without a lot of […]

    Oct 15th, 2010 | Filed under Tattoos, Travel
  • Technology is Awesome

    I’m flying BOS to PDX via Alaskan and they have wi-fi on the flight. This is the first time I’ve been able to partake in in-flight internet and it’s simply awesome. The only said thing is that they don’t have power – so when my battery dies, that’s that. I’ve dialed down as much as […]

    Oct 7th, 2010 | Filed under Nerd, Travel
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