• MacBook Pro ODD Saga: Conclusion

    Got a call on Thursday that the part was finally in to replace my failed optical drive. They said that they would need to hold onto my laptop for a day or two, but what I wanted to do was to basically have it replaced while I waited for it. My basic position was that […]

    Aug 30th, 2010 | Filed under IT
  • Magic: the Gathering — A Revived Hobby

    For less than a year, I’ve been in a sort of Magic Renaissance. While I’ve made a few allusions to it, here’s the story: Years ago (circa 1999), I stopped playing Magic. There was no one reason why. I was busy with other stuff, didn’t have a lot of people to play with and didn’t […]

    Aug 30th, 2010 | Filed under Magic: the Gathering
  • UFC 118!

    I went to UFC 118 last night at the TD Garden — such a fun time! I’m a fairly recent UFC convert, but I’ve been really enjoying the sport. I have some friends in town from Portland, OR that are big fans and have been to events in the past, so we ponied up the […]

    Aug 29th, 2010 | Filed under Random
  • Turning Poop Into Poopaid

    On Sunday night, I managed to dig up an old 5 1/4″ USB drive enclosure that was sitting in the back of a drawer, remove a DVD drive from my spare centos box and hook up the now-enclosed drive via USB to my Macbook. That allowed me to upgrade to Snow Leopard and install Parallels […]

    Aug 24th, 2010 | Filed under IT
  • Mac Problems — Good and Bad

    I’ve been to the Apple Store far too many times in the past few days. The first trip was yesterday. I went in because for the past couple of months, the batter/HD cover wouldn’t fit on my Macbook Pro. A few months back, I had to go in because a screw kept falling out. This […]

    Aug 22nd, 2010 | Filed under IT
  • I Almost Work For Google

    On July 1st, Google and ITA Software signed on the dotted line and ITA agreed to be purchased by Google. I’ve been working at ITA since October 2007 and it’s an amazingly fascinating job. No matter how insane you believe the airline industry is from the perspective of an airline traveler, it’s probably more than […]

    Aug 9th, 2010 | Filed under Work
  • I Should Do This More Often

    I haven’t posted since 2009. That’s kinda horrible. I’ve been meaning to post an update for a while, but simply haven’t gotten around to it. While I come up with a more content-rich update, know that I just uploaded 15 new images to my Underwater Gallery. We were able to get out to the Isle […]

    Aug 8th, 2010 | Filed under Random
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