• Bad Website Parent

    I’ve been super busy lately and haven’t been updating like I should be. The week of 12/8 I was nighttime upgrader and I was scheduled to work the weekend of 12/13. That got bumped, but completely ate my Friday night. Then from 12/18-12/25, I’ve been on-call, which means 24-7 support coverage by phone. I also […]

    Nov 23rd, 2009 | Filed under Travel, Work
  • WP via iPhone

    I just downloaded a wordpress app for the iPhone and seeing how well it works. So far, it’s pretty slick. Later, if this goes smoothly, I’ll figure out how it works with images. Definitely neat!

    Nov 15th, 2009 | Filed under Nerd, Random, Site News
  • Negative Feedback

    I just left negative feedback for an eBay seller for the first time. I’ve had the same account on ebay since 2000 and I really like buying things, so I’m not stranger to eBay. All-in-all, I tend to prefer buy-it-now “auctions” since they’re almost always simpler, faster and you don’t have to deal with other […]

    Nov 11th, 2009 | Filed under Bitching, Random
  • Weather Rollercoaster

    New England is known for having crazy weather. Being a weatherman up here has to be one of the easiest jobs because nobody really expects you to be right the majority of the time. That all said, in the past couple of months we’ve seen some really huge temperature swings. Today flirted with 70 degrees […]

    Nov 9th, 2009 | Filed under Bitching, Random
  • Feedback For Apple

    I bought an iPhone last night. I have no complaints about the device thus far — I’m rather happy. More on that later. I was asked to take a survey in my email this morning. Surprising for only being awake 15 minutes, I felt like contributing. Click for a larger image. Seriously, this is one […]

    Nov 5th, 2009 | Filed under Bitching, Nerd
  • Let’s Compile Some win32 Binaries

    Many people that read this probably know that I do tech work/support for BME from time to time. Starting at 1900 on 20091101, the community site IAM kinda went haywire. What’s somewhat unique about IAM is that it leverages native win32 binaries on the server side. They’re not scripts that a JIT compiler reads or […]

    Nov 3rd, 2009 | Filed under Nerd, Programming
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