• I can’t stand winter.

    It’s snowing. I don’t like it. Bah. Xmas was fine. Did the requisite running around – up to Corinne’s family on xmas, down to my father’s the day after. Then a weekend of trying to recover. That was followed by a 3-day week of work that I’m technically still in – though I’m working from […]

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  • 39 is divisible by 3 and 13. Dumbass.

    I went into work for a few hours and then swung by Corinne’s store to pick up some stuff she needed brought home. Given the splint and wrapped-up finger, she’s not really able to juggle 4 somewhat heavy bags over the hour-long trip home on a busy train. I also swung by a comic store […]

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  • I Hate Snow

    Can’t stand it. Not one bit. I don’t think it looks pretty. I don’t have any interest in “enjoying the season” and it’s nothing short of a huge pain in the ass. All winter does is remind me how much I hate it and want to move somewhere (permanently) to somewhere warmer. That’s it. The […]

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  • Stress = Seeing Your Loved Ones In Pain

    Just as we were leaving for our final jewelry class, we had an accident. It wasn’t something that’s all that uncommon – probably something that happens with a frequency measured in seconds, not hours – Corinne got her finger shut in the door. Unfortunately, the door is VERY heavy and the part where it shuts […]

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  • Back In Boston (from Portland)

    I’m back home after an exhausting but fun trip to Portland. It was fucking cold as hell and I think I’d have a better time when the weather warms up. I learned a few things though: Not a single person that’s from Oregon has any idea how to think when there’s any degree of snow […]

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  • Could you show us how to make giant corn?

    I’m in that high 90% area of being packed and ready to go. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the weather. It’s raining here and it’s going to be super cold there. Having to deal with shitty weather just makes me have to pack more stuff – which is a pain in […]

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  • Tomorrow Portland

    I catch a flight tomorrow to Portland, OR. I got off the plane from NC 2 days ago. I must love airports or something. My luck means that Portland is in for some of the coldest weather they’ve experienced in years. Awesome. Should still be fun, just uncomfortable. I need a tropical island, not sub-freezing […]

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  • Yay @ UPS

    I just took ownership of the following: Canon MP-E 65mm f/2.8 1-5x Super Macro Lens Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG Fisheye Lens Ikelite 8″ Dome Port + Port Body I’m currently working from home so I can’t really do much beyond unpacking, but I really want to just bust everything out and go nuts with […]

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  • Boston Bound

    I’m in the Wilmington airport waiting for my flight. My connection in Charlotte is really tight, but I don’t think it’ll be a *huge* issue. I managed to pick up a Canon 5D mark II at BestBuy while down here – which was very unexpected but very nice. I canceled my pre-order with Calumet because […]

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  • NC in the morn

    I’m about 90-95% packed. Got a few more odds and ends and then the few things that can’t get packed until the last minute – toiletries, computer, eye care stuff, etc. I’ll be back Monday afternoon, followed by two days of work and the jewelry class we’re taking. Then on Thursday I ship out for […]

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