• New Mac – Day Two Impressions

    Despite my previous post’s bitchiness (which was squarely directed at the employees and atmosphere of the Apple Store, not their products), I’ve gotten along quite well for an absolute novice Mac user. There’s all sorts of little things that I’m learning – like when to use the Control key vs the Command Key, the buttons […]

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  • Welcome To The Apple Circle-Jerk

    I decided on Monday that I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro. Since I have to pay tax anyway (since Apple has brick-and-mortar stores in Mass), I figured I’d just go to the Apple Store and buy it there. Shipping is free if I got it online, but the price is the same. Might as […]

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  • 30, huh?

    So, today’s my birthday – as some people have pointed out by sending best wishes. I’ve been asked a few times if I “feel old”. Not really. I’m just me. I’m the same person I was yesterday. Just because this is the anniversary of my birth doesn’t mean my general opinion of myself and how […]

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  • Grumpus

    Yesterday saw some computer issues. I was sitting on my laptop watching some videos (that get pulled from my RAID array in my PC in the office) when the video player locked up. I tooled around with it for a bit, but couldn’t get things to play. When I went and inspected the PC in […]

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  • Creepy Knife Follow-Up

    If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check the previous entry first. I talked to my land lord when I got home yesterday and asked if someone might have put the knife in my car if it had been laying on the ground, etc. He hadn’t seen it before and asked me where I […]

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  • Until It’s Over

    Last night was zombie city… in my brain. No idea where it came from, but it was 100% non-stop zombie action in my dreams. I wouldn’t quite classify them as “nightmares”, but I was definitely be chased by zombies. Very strange. That’s nothing compared to this morning though… When I got into my car to […]

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  • Recapage

    Very spur-of-the-moment like, we decided to go to the Topsfield Fair yesterday. Two very unexpected things happened: It took us about 2.5 hours to get there (should have taken less than 1/2 the time). There were like 500,000 people there. It was fucking unreal. #2 above was certainly the main cause of #1. But given […]

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  • Blast Processing

    I got tickets today for Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!. It’ll be coming to Boston in November and we’re rather excited. Yes… we’re total nerds. It’s OK though. I also booked two trips in December. One to North Carolina to visit family and one to Portland, OR to visit some friends. Pretty much all of […]

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  • A Couple From Today

    Here’s two shots from earlier today. Just working on more producty type stuff. The only real editing done was some clone stamping to remove some dust. Nothing fancy.

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  • Is it late, or is it early?

    Been up since 03:45 – I’m working. I’ve entered into a brief “wait and watch” phase. I expect that I’ll be up until about 06:30ish and then I’ll head back to bed for a few hours before making my way into work. I’m starting to hear our landlords upstairs start to stir. They tend to […]

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