• A Few New Old Photos

    I spent hours today reprocessing a bunch of images. Most of them are shots that have been posted here before… so I won’t post any of those. As a diversion, I took a few older shots I took and selectively played with saturation and luminance in ACR. I probably spent less than a minute with […]

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  • Workflow

    I decided to make some changes to my image workflow. I posted previously that I wrote some scripts that’d generate thumbnails, upload them to my webserver and index my database with them. The script is run in a directory that contains the images to upload – which required that I watermark them during my post-processing. […]

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  • Crazy Dreams

    I just had a crazy flashback of a ton of wacky dreams I had last night. I don’t have a full recollection of the order of events, but here’s some of the highlights that I recall: I got bit by a venomous snaked and needed to very calmly get to a doctor without getting too […]

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  • Cut The Cheese

    I’m sleepy. I really want a nap, but it’s too late to really entertain that as a viable option. Fake skydiving was a ton of fun. It’d be something that I probably wouldn’t spend a ton of money doing, but wouldn’t be adverse to going again if someone wanted me to go with them. Today’s […]

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  • Sleepy Face

    I’m going to crash soon. 12:30-1:00 has been my typical bedtime these days. Not bad, but it keeps me a bit sleepy. I’m fixing a friend’s computer. I installed XP for the first time in probably over a year. It was kinda odd. I only use Windows these days for Adobe software and don’t do […]

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  • Not Much To Update

    This week is an upgrade week – which means I’m up late and tailing logs. Nothing really exciting. It’s even less exciting in that I’m training up my n00b and he’s doing all the work while I give him tips and answer questions. As boring as this turns out, it’s nice in that once he’s […]

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    I’ve officially launched my new photoblog at I got 112 images uploaded, tagged and indexed. For those frequent visitors, you’ll see a lot of familiar content, but I wanted to backfill the site with a bunch of images instead of just having a mostly bare site out the gate. If you’re a fan of […]

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  • More Cam Stuff

    I spent a little while this afternoon shooting. With the weather as shitty as it’s going to be, diving is out for the weekend. I figured I’d put my new toys to good use. Here’s a few from earlier – the usual applies: This is my first real go at jewelry. I like the way […]

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  • Lighting Tests

    I spent some time this afternoon playing with my new lighting gear. I’ve been rather pleased thus far. Here’s a handful of images from my fumbling. The usual applies – typical gear, no cropping, etc. Here’s a few things that I’ve figured out: The top highlights in the pill are unpleasing to me. I think […]

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