• PUPPY!!!

    This is Gretta. She’s an English Mastiff. A 145lb English Mastiff. She’s not mine. She belongs to a friend that we visited this evening. I had fun shooting her while we could keep her running around. It doesn’t take much to tire out a dog this big. Such a cutie!

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  • I’m a fuel-injected suicide machine!

    Today’s seal dive was a bust. The seas were too rough heading north out of Gloucester. It would have taken way too long and have been way too horrible of a ride. We went south instead and had two mediocre dives. Vis kinda sucked and there was a decent amount of surge… which is never […]

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  • Imago

    As planned, I hit up the butterfly house at Franklin Park Zoo again today. I spent probably about 2 hours shooting total and walked away with what I think are some of my best shots yet. I’m very pleased with the progress that I’ve made this summer shooting macro. Given where I was at towards […]

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  • Dumbass Award

    I totally saw someone clip a curb (a center island just after an intersection) right next to me as I was waiting for the light to turn green. Their car had a tiny “hop”, but nothing too extreme. The best part was that I saw the quick burst of air and heard the tire deflating […]

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  • Everybody Gets One

    One more day of work and then a nice three day weekend awaits. The plan is simple: Saturday

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  • I Like It Better…

    Today was a diving day. The weather was perfect, the water was warm (as defined by New England standards) and the visibility was pretty good. I got a port for my 100 f2.8 macro lens, so today was a macro/close-up day when it came to the photos. I had about a dozen keepers, which I’m […]

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  • Use Your Time Wisely

    Last night was my first “free” night in a while. …and I spent it coding. When I’ve been uploading images, I’ve been doing it all by hand. I’ve also been creating the thumbnails by hand. It’s not difficult to do, but it’s very repetitious and kinda a waste of time. The other problem was that […]

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  • Lepidoptera

    As mentioned, I went to the zoo today and spent about an hour and a half in the butterfly “tent”. Aside from some really obnoxious people (children and adult alike), it was a good time and I got some good shots. Afterwards, I went to Home Depot and an art store looking for some sheet […]

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  • I Do, Dawg

    Corinne’s been gone since Friday morning. I got up early and brought her to the train. She’ll be in Connecticut until Thursday working on a new store opening. I’m here taking care of the kitties. I helped shoot a wedding yesterday – my first one. That’s not the only honorific that it walks away with […]

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  • Spiders, Slugs and Snails

    Corinne tipped me off to some snails that were creeping around outside a few nights ago, so on Friday I grabbed my macro gear and poked around. I found TONs of slugs and a solitary snail (which was a real treat). I noticed a small spider in the corner of the door frame to the […]

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