• New Home

    I’m switching web hosts. This is the “new server”.If you’re seeing this, then you’re all set.

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  • The Past Few Days & Beyond

    Mondays are some good TV on sci-fi. You get a few hours of ST:TNG and then some anime. I’m liking it… a lot. This weekend I signed up with a new webhost – Tektonic. It’s a VPS, so there’s a lot more for me to manage on my own, but it’s a lot more fun […]

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  • Infinite Oregano

    Swung by the comic shop on my way home and picked up the latest Cthulhu Tales. I really like a lot of the stuff coming out of Boom Studios these days. It’s a nice change of pace from the typical super hero comics. I don’t really think I have any other news. I’m just glad […]

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  • < 24 Hrs

    I’m in the home stretch of my on call duties. Tomorrow AM at 10:30 the phones switch over to someone else. I plan on sleeping in and hope that I don’t get any early morning calls. Last night a bunch of stupid stuff broke (I think someone made some real stupid mistakes and broke it) […]

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  • Experiments In Light & Color

    Today’s been slow in terms of not receiving any calls from work (hope I didn’t just jinx myself there). So earlier Corinne and I did some running around and I decided to stop at a gaming store and pick up some translucent dice to play around with. Since ETTL metering is an absolute mystery to […]

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  • Awake

    It’s 6:15 and I’m still up. I went down to RI last night around 9 to hang out with a friend that’s in town from the West coast. Took off a bit before 2 and rolled into bed around 2:45ish. Not 5 minutes after I dozed off, my phone rang and I had to get […]

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  • Unfortunately Hot

    It’s been hot here. Very hot. I’m dealing, but not without some crazy fan and AC action. The kitties seem to be getting by, which is always good. Wednesday AM I’m primary oncall. Right now I’m secondary, which means I can get calls, but it’s not that often. I got one on Saturday, and it […]

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  • A Few Lizard Macro

    Here’s a few macro shots of anoles from my NC trip last weekend. Shot with 30D + 100mm f2.8 macro + Canon 500D close-up filter + MT24-EX flash. These three all came out of the same opportunity, which is why they’re so similar. I liked them all, so I figured I’d just post the three. […]

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  • Working @ McDonalds

    I’m working in McDonalds right now. Not serving burgers, but I got a call on the road, so I rolled in and I’m logging in remotely. The network guy is fixing some stuff right now, so I have a few mins. Can’t wait to get back on the road and get back to enjoying my […]

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  • Indiana Jones and the Really Bad Sequel

    Finally saw Indiana Jones and The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull. I’ve heard all the reviews but honestly thought, “I can’t be that bad.” I was wrong. I have the Indiana Jones Raiders/Temple/Crusade Box Set, which I watch on a semi-regular basis. I will not, however, ever be adding Crystal Skull to my collection. It […]

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