• Travelin’

    I’m at Logan and leaving for North Carolina in a bit. I’ll be there until Monday afternoon, at which point I fly back to Boston. I’ll have limited connectivity, but I’ll be on from time to time. If you need anything, I’ll try to get to it as best as possible. Much like Boston public […]

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  • I need a nap

    Had to trek down to Providence this morning for some court stuff. As far as things go, it was painless and easy. The bummer was waking up at 6am to get down there in time. The upside was being back home by 11:30. I’m just exhausted though. I’m not used to getting up early any […]

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  • My Digital Camera Project

    For my photo class, we had to basically come up with a project and “present” it in some way. It was suggested that making a book would be a pretty good option, so I took that route. It taught me a lot about color management having to do with printing, which I’d never even considered […]

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  • Still Holding?

    I feel relaxed… which surprises me. I ended up spending about 4-4.5 hours in Photoshop yesterday doing everything that needed to be done for my photo project yesterday. The bulk of it was in the morning, but I also did a bunch after midnight while I was waiting for work stuff to get done. I’ll […]

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  • Continue Holding On To Your Butts

    Woo! Yeah! Holiday weekend – company holiday. Aww yeah baby! Wait… I have to work tonight. Awww indeed. :( At least I have today to do stuff. Probably going to go for a walk and get some ice cream. Mmmm… ice cream. Most of the day, however, is going to be spent on my other […]

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  • Two Years

    Today marks Corinne and my two year anniversary. It definitely doesn’t seem like it’s been that long – but at the same time, so much has changed – but I think all in good ways: jobs, our apartment, two remarkably dumb but incredibly cute cats, two trips to Hawaii, one to Grand Cayman and the […]

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  • Doe A Deer

    Monday night is D&D night, so I tend to get home late. I think it was at 1:30 that I came up to this stretch of the Providence Turnpike. Cruising along around 50mph, I noticed something odd… a deer just hanging out in the middle of the road. This was the quintessential “freezing like a […]

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  • A Walk In The Park – For Real

    Today we really went for a walk in the park. The arboretum, actually. I took out my macro rig and decided to bring out my 70-200 w/ my new 1.4x TC “just in case”. I’m glad I did, because the few macro critters that were out weren’t in places I could get close to. I […]

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  • A Walk In The Park

    Today has been pretty low key – no complaints here. We decided to go for a walk earlier today. Not in the park, or anywhere near a park, actually. We went to get ice cream. Mmm… ice cream. I decided to take my camera, and I’m glad I did. I tried to take some pictures […]

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  • The sun has gone down and the moon has come up.

    I haven’t posted any photos in a while, but I’m still shooting. I’m working on my final project for my photo class and I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff at once after it’s done. I took a bunch this morning before I left for work – gotta get some in before the rain comes […]

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