• It’s our ranch, and it’s our home

    I came off of on-call last Wednesday. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but I’m certainly glad it’s over. Last week we got a new kitty. Corinne’s been volunteering at MSPCA nearby and wanted to get another one. Unfortunately, he’s wearing a cone/e-collar right now because he scratched a nasty wound onto […]

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  • On Call

    I’m on call right now. Each person in my group goes on call about once every two months for a week. Sometimes it sucks, sometimes it doesn’t. Friday, for instance, sucked. I got engaged at about midnight and ended up getting done around 6:30am on Saturday. No fun. I think I’m finally squared away with […]

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  • Early Spring Macro Flowers

    Left work early & took advantage of the nice weather and sunshine, I figured I’d wander around and try to shoot some flowers. There’s not a lot to be found quite yet given how cold it’s been, but I had a few to choose from and snapped a few I liked. I can’t wait until […]

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  • Some Weekend Photos

    As an assignment for my photo class, we’re tasked with taking some portraits with only window light. I’ve never really made any real efforts at portraits before and I’m not that good at post-processing with skin tones. Anyway, here’s a few that I took on Saturday. I think I’m going to try to re-work the […]

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  • Weekended

    This weekend was pretty decent. Started out after work on Friday where I went into Harvard Sq. to get some new plugs and to meet up with Corinne after work. We wandered for a bit and got some much-needed food. I took some pictures of Corinne Saturday afternoon for my photo class that started up […]

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  • Underwater Photos Uploaded

    I uploaded a TON of underwater pics last night from our recent trip to Grand Cayman. I’ve done _zero_ processing to these – they’re the direct JPGs out of my PowerShot. Even very minor post-processing would help a lot, but I just didn’t have it in me last night… so expect a lot of blue! […]

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  • Mental Note…

    …plugs made of tiger’s eye are extremely delicate. Dropping them onto a hard surface results in shattering. Try not to do this. Now I have to try to find some time to get back to Harvard Sq. and get some more plugs. I should just stick to durable (and mildly bouncy-if-dropped) wood. And no, this […]

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