• Owwie

    I kinda forgot how much getting tattooed hurts. That, and getting tattooed over the back of your knee is just one of the least fun things ever. Ever. I went in to have Joe (his website is offline until tomorrow, but you can see some of his stuff at the shop’s site) start finishing the […]

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  • TOS Issues – I Wish I Could Help

    I just wanted to make sure people knew that I’m no longer handling any TOS-related issues. I would if I could, but I no longer have access to those functions for IAM. I’ve received a few requests from people in regards to TOS violations, but there’s unfortunately nothing I can do to help. I know […]

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  • Happy Star Wars Day

    I mean Easter… that’s right. It just happens that I’m working my way through the Star Wars movies, starting with #1. I’m on Revenge of the Sith now. Aside from the fun and games, got some laundry and dishes done as well, so today hasn’t been a total wash. But beyond that, it’s a nice […]

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  • Yay Linux

    So, I decided to install Ubuntu on my laptop last night. I’ve been running Ubuntu on my work laptop since I got it, but my personal laptop has had XP on it since it shipped. I flashed my BIOS and installed the 64bit version last night. I had a bunch of trouble getting sound to […]

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  • What To Do?

    Looks like it’s going to be a fairly low-key weekend for me. Normally, I’d have some degree of obligation of visiting my mother on Easter, but with her living in North Carolina these days, that’s not really on the agenda. Corinne’s going to be spending the weekend at her mom’s new place to help her […]

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  • Pink Brush

    Got two more from Grand Cayman. These are shots from a Pink Brush Tree (I believe that’s what it was called) that was just outside our room. Various parts would bloom each morning and then fall off sometime around 7:30-8:00. They made a fairly hilarious “splat” when they happened to fall on pavement. They were […]

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  • Who’d I Piss Off?

    It’s been an interesting few weeks with my piercings. I lost a plug while diving in the Caymans and went a week without wearing any. I get back, put in some slightly smaller ones and a week later one lobe gets SUPER irritated and swollen. Then today I wake up and my septum is insanely […]

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  • Mohawk?

    Mohawk. So I have a mohawk now. Figured wtf and did it up. I kinda have a Mr. T thing going on, but without the chains. Oh, and I’m not black. And I can’t deliver a line as well as the T can. I’m mainly talking about the mohawk + beard. We’ll see how goes. […]

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  • Saturday Morning

    Started off with Planet Terror and is now going strong with John Carpenter’s Vampires. Not sure what else is on tap for the day, but grocery shopping has to happen sometime this weekend – probably today. Also gave the page a bit of a makeover. Nothing drastic – just condensing images and doing a bit […]

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  • Grand Cayman Pics

    I’ve posted 18 of my photos from our Grand Cayman trip here: No underwater shots yet, they’ll come soonish, but that’s a good selection of what I have for the topside attractions. And just to whet your appetite, here’s one of my favorites:

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