• Totally Awesome

    Grand Cayman has been nothing short of awesome. We’ve done 10 dives so far and each site has been amazing. We just did a stingray feeding dive later this afternoon, which was nothing short of incredible. On the down side, I lost one of my plugs on Sunday. I hit every tattoo/piercing shop on the […]

    Feb 26th, 2008 | Filed under Archive
  • Charlotte, NC & SonicWall Suck

    I’m tooling around on my laptop while waiting for our connecting flight to Grand Cayman and tried to hop onto IAM ( and received the following alert: Now, I’m on freely accessible wifi. So while I can understand to some degree the desire to filter content, I think Corinne put it best when she said […]

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  • It’s Vacation Time Brutha

    Tomorrow. Bright and early. Grand Cayman. See you in March.

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  • OMG So Sick

    Since Saturday, I’ve been incredibly sick. I think it’s some sort of flu, but I’m not entirely sure. From Saturday night until Sunday night I slept probably some 18 hours. All the while I had some incredibly vivid and insane dreams – killing zombies, attacking aliens and battling giant robots. No joke. Despite being wracked […]

    Feb 5th, 2008 | Filed under Archive
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