• To The Moon!

    Here’s my absolute first shot at any astrophotography – some moon shots. Unfortunately, Boston has a ton of light pollution (saying nothing for air pollution), so I’m sure these are far from the best results I could get with a bit of traveling, but the moon was pretty full and the clouds parted for a […]

    Jan 23rd, 2008 | Filed under Archive
  • 70-200 Pictures

    I took the 70-200 out this morning for a bit. Took a bit to get used to the size, but it’s not as bad as I thought it’d be. It’s the first lens that I’ve used where I can both hear and slightly feel the IS working. I’ve heard other people reporting this about various […]

    Jan 19th, 2008 | Filed under Archive
  • More Flowers

    Here’s a few flower shots from earlier today. Trying to play around with flash and use it effectively. A bit hard since I don’t have a macro flash and the diffuser for the 580EX II sucks, but I’m getting there. Still got lots more practice before I’m really comfortable with flash lighting – especially with […]

    Jan 18th, 2008 | Filed under Archive
  • Total Protonic Reversal

    Slacking on updates again – been busy. Work has definitely been taking up various chunks of my time. Last week I had one night where I worked until 6am the next morning. No fun. Have had a bunch of other night work to do on top of the normal day work. On top of work, […]

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