• Elbows And Assholes

    I’m looking at a 4-day weekend followed by a 3-day week, followed by another 4-day weekend and 3-day week. I’m not complaining. Got to bed pretty late last night – about 3am. I’m stupid tired right now. I just put in Alien (the director’s cut) to enjoy some good sci-fi. I’m not sure if I’m […]

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  • Linux + Photography – A Recent Experience

    I’ve been using various linuxes for a while. Until recently, they always supplemented my Windows machines. I now have Ubuntu installed on an IBM ThinkPad (lenovo T60 for those interested). The immediate benefits (unrelated to photography) are great battery life over running Windows on the same box, a more responsive system in general and a […]

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  • Carolina Macro

    It was really nice today. Not sure what the temp was, but probably high 60′s to low 70′s. I was up early to a silent house (a rare treat with my family). Overnight, a hibiscus flowered on the back deck and I got out and shot it for a while. Click on any of the […]

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  • I’m In Philly

    So the plan today was to work from home in the AM and leave for the airport in the afternoon for my 4:30 to NC. Given the crazy weather that was approaching Boston, I knew I’d never get a flight out at that time, so I called Expedia and then US Air and I was […]

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  • What The?

    Today is the first easy day in a long while. Got no CRs planned and no major work that needs to be done or prepared for until next week. Wow. I’m liking it. So right now I’m chilling to some Motorhead and just relaxing after a busy two weeks. Craziness aside, I’m enjoying work. It’s […]

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