• I’m Awake

    …and it’s 4am.…and I’m working. Good thing I’m not expected to show up to work tomorrow until some time in the afternoon.

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  • Let’s Fuck Up Some Schedules

    Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are all going to be late work nights. I have work that starts at 19:00 and will go to 02:00-04:00 the next morning. Luckily, I’m not expected to get into work early those next days or be in the office for 8 hours, but it’s still a bit weird – not […]

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  • Last Night I Killed Zombies With A Sword

    I rarely have dreams that I remember. So when I remember them AND they’re cool (a la, killing zombies), then it’s an added bonus. Yesterday was fairly uneventful other than seeing Beowulf – which I highly recommend. Friday saw the purchase of new dive gear. BCs to be exact. The only thing that we really […]

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  • Real Simple

    Beowulf + IMAX + 3D = Total Awesomeness This concludes your lesson for today.

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    Last night was the first night that we got to play D&D in about 2 months. We had a good time and played a while – though mostly because we got a late start. I got home around 2:30 and got to bed just shy of 3:00. I’m tired. I even slept in a bit […]

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  • Greater Than Life Size

    This weekend has been nice. The only things that I’ve done are grocery shopping yesterday morning, lunch with Corinne’s parents today and I took some photos this morning. Since I’m rather obsessed lately with macro work, I’m going to share a few shots. The first two are of my watch (duh) taken with my Canon […]

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  • The Plan My Man

    I just got done burning Transformers and put it in. The only drawback is that I miss out on surround sound – which is probably why I’ll buy the DVD. A belated present arrived for me yesterday. Corinne got me a print by R. S. Connett called Harvest of Dead Dreams. I’ve been a fan […]

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  • I See You

    Sabine was being nice and compliant while sitting on Corinne, so I got an opportunity to snap some photos. You can actually see Corinne’s face in the reflection of Sabine’s eye. Canon 100mm f2.8 Macro w/ 36mm extension tube.

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  • Macro Fun

    Today’s been very slow (in a good way), so I decided to play around with the new extension tube set I got. The following were taken with my Canon 100mm f2.8 macro w/ a 36mm extension tube.

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  • Minor Update

    Simply due to me overlooking it, I haven’t had a way to link to a single diary entry… until now. At any point, you can click the link on a diary entry and be taken to a page to that entry and only that entry. It will allow people to find specific entries even after […]

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