• Eat My Dick Tom Morello

    I’m just going to drop a picture to illustrate how we’ve spent basically the entire evening – trick-or-treaters be damned.

    Oct 31st, 2007 | Filed under Archive
  • Excess Ain’t Rebellion

    It’s Halloween. Not a lot going on and nothing really planned. Apparently, we get trick-or-treat’ers at our apartment (we didn’t move in until after Halloween last year), so I’m tasked with getting some candy after work today. I think “while I’m out”, I’m going to try to pick up Guitar Hero 3 for my Wii. […]

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  • Kickin’ It

    I woke up this morning (about 15 minutes ago) feeling not too bad at all. I still got some stuff going on in my nose, but it’s nothing like it’s been the last week. I’ll probably have a bit of a runny nose for a few days still, but it seems like the bulk of […]

    Oct 27th, 2007 | Filed under Archive
  • Oh We Got Trouble

    Well, we don’t really have trouble. The past week has been busy. It started the end of last week with the IAM issues. That kept things interesting. The technical stuff has mostly settled with the exception of a few hiccups. Hopefully those can get diagnosed and cleaned up soon. Last weekend was a diving weekend. […]

    Oct 5th, 2007 | Filed under Archive
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