• What Have I Been Up To?

    Aside from my Scoobie-like crime solving hijinx, I’ve been rather busy lately. Here’s a run down of what’s been going on. Last weekend Corinne and I did our final open water dives to be certified scuba divers. The weekend went well and our c-cards are in the mail. I was expecting to be uncomfortably cold […]

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  • How To Catch A Thief

    A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some of my food was missing from one of my drawers. At first, I thought that maybe I was just not paying attention and was eating stuff faster than I noticed. Then the last of something disappeared and an empty box was left – this is something I […]

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  • Quickie

    Here’s the skinny: I catch thieves. I’m a certified diver. I’m slightly sunburnt. I have some IMs to respond to. I haven’t forgotten about you. Later.

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  • More Graffiti

    I happened upon this other nice tidbit on the bathroom wall today at the urinal. It was off to the side and rotated about 45 degrees counter-clockwise. I had to tool with the levels a bit so you could make out the writing. Poor lighting + worse writing on a non-flat wall + not-so-great cam […]

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  • Try Some Vagina Next Time

    Our office building has had a huge influx of new people the last month or two. There’s been about 300 new people upstairs and so many contractors that it’s impossible to keep track of them. Since that happened, some graffiti popped up in the men’s bathroom next to our office. I hastily stitched a few […]

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  • Audit This Host

    The week’s chugging along – no complaints there. Monday, Corinne and I went and bought wetsuits, hoods and gloves for our open water dive in a week and a half. While we easily could have rented that stuff for our dive (and we’ll be renting other stuff), I figured that 1) we’ll be diving in […]

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  • Cat In A Box

    Today was pretty much a day of shopping. Nothing really exciting to report about it other than it was fairly painless. Corinne was checking out the shoes that she got and Sabine decided to repurpose the shoebox. The best part is that she sticks out a bit. Enjoy the “cat in a box” pics. Too […]

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  • Sorry, Didn’t See You There

    After work, Michele and I went out to see Joe at his shop. She’s looking to get some work done and they were meeting to discus the plan and make a stencil of her leg. That all went swimmingly and I headed home afterwards. I live on a dead end street. Getting to it requires […]

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  • Nerdtime

    I’m pooped again today. I got in around 1 last night after playing D&D. To my surprise, upon arriving home last night, there was a car in my parking spot. This is an off-street spot in a small driveway. Needless to say, I was a bit pissed. Unfortunately, at 1am, it’s kinda hard to track […]

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  • Grindhouse

    While it’s a little late, I saw Grindhouse last night. Simply put, I thought it was awesome and laughed throughout the whole thing. What a great collection of film. I think I liked Planet Terror more than Death Proof, but that’s not to say I didn’t like them both a lot. I think the best […]

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