• No, I Haven’t

    I was just asked the following from some random person: Did you go to Tibet? My answer was a very puzzled, “Uh… no.” His follow up to that very unexpected question was the following unexpected response: Oh, because I know a guy that got ears like that and he got it done in Nepal or […]

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  • 3-Day Weekend Goodness

    Horray for the day off and subsequent 4-day work week! Saturday in the early evening, we went to a wedding of one of Corinne’s friends. Everything was nice, though I was reminded how much absolute contempt I have for organized religion in general. Afterwards, we stopped by JP Licks and got some sweet, delicious ice […]

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  • Grill Problem: Solved

    I went down to Wrentham to the Coleman outlet and picked up the regulator that I needed. I picked up that grill cover while I was at it. 2 for 2. To my surprise, it turns out that the Coleman outlet was in a super-mall with a ton of other outlets and stores. It was […]

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  • Grill Problem

    My grill has been on the porch since November. As one might assume, it got a bit dirty in that time (I’m going to be getting a grill cover for it soon). So today, I spent a while getting it all nice and cleaned up and preped for some good ol’ grillin’ fun. I put […]

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  • Ant’Angelo’s

    Tuesdays and Thursdays are “bring lunch to work day” for me in an attempt to minimize food costs. I took Michele to D’Angelo’s so she could pick up a sandwich for lunch and I came across this delicious site on the ground: Mmmm… anty. I think I’m going to try to stay away from that […]

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  • Always Breathe

    This weekend was both busy and exhausting. We did our classroom and pool scuba classes Saturday and Sunday, both ending at 6 each day. Saturday was particularly tiring since we had to swim 200m and tread water for 10 minutes. I’m not only out of shape, but also not a good swimmer. With a snorkel, […]

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  • Holy Frickin’ Tired!

    I’m still tired from Tuesday night. As you probably know, I play D&D and instead of just not playing when one of us is busy on a weekend (which happens more and more frequently), we try to play on a week night after work. When things go late, the next day is hell. That day […]

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  • I Can’t Think Of A Title Today

    Wow, May is moving along fast. We’re already at the mid-way point and it’s not slowing down. This weekend is Corinne and my classroom and pool scuba classes. When those are complete, we’ll book our open water dives to finish the certification. I’m guessing those will be done in early to mid June, pending availability […]

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  • Baby Seals

    Got two big things today. The first, was my camera. The second, was a kitty. She’s totally adorable, fat and lovable. Her name is Sabine and she’s one of Corinne’s old roommate’s kitties. We’re adopting her because the current apartment she’s in already has a cat and they just don’t get along. Since we’re basically […]

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  • No One Home

    My new camera came today, but it wasn’t delivered since I wasn’t here to sign for it. In a bit of luck, the carrier is DHL. The reason this is lucky is because the DHL depot for my area is about 10 buildings away from I work. So anytime after 8:30, I’ll be able to […]

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