• Officially Sick

    I’m officially sick. I had two days of a sore throat which it appears is over. I’m now in the slight congestion and phlegm stage with a small bout of coughing. I don’t think it’s going to long and I hope that’s the case. Yesterday was nice – we went for a walk around JP […]

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  • I Like Squirrels

    I wrapped up a project at work that’s consumed the last 3 weeks of my time. I’m SO GLAD that it’s over. Granted it means that I’m going back to more boring stuff, but at least it’s not annoying and boring. After I got home my knee started to hurt something fierce. It’s feeling better […]

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  • I Want Candy

    Saw mc chris last night at the Middle East. It was a good show. He was opening for Piebald (don’t know who they are). When we got in, some opening band was finishing up their last song (thankfully – it was horrible!). The next band, who I think were called House of Fools weren’t bad. […]

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  • 10000

    Looks like tomorrow I’ll hit the 10,000 mile mark with my jeep. On average, I’m pulling about a thousand miles per month, which isn’t too bad. It sure beats the hell out of my old car when I was working in Lynnfield. That was putting on some 60+ miles per day just for work. Speaking […]

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  • Destroy All Monsters

    Yesterday consisted of a lot of Super Paper Mario and a break to go grocery shopping. Super Paper Mario is still really fun and grocery shopping is still a pain in the ass… but necessary. The big plan for tonight is to put away the dishes that I put into the dishwasher before leaving today, […]

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  • Let’s Shake Some Dust

    Last night Corinne and I finished up watching Carnivale. I was a bit disappointed with the “ending”, but that’s because it was supposed to be a season finale, not a series finale. Either way, the series was great and I wish I had a few more seasons to watch… but that’s just not going to […]

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  • Productive Saturday

    We got up earlyish for a Saturday and headed out to a local dive shop and signed up for scuba lessons. The class is the weekend of May 19th and then after that we’ll figure out the time to take the open water part. By sometime in June, we’ll be certified divers – very exciting! […]

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  • Hey Toad Why Are You So Crazy?

    Last weekend in Maine wasn’t too bad. The driving wasn’t fun, but it was far from horrible. Yesterday I picked up Super Paper Mario for the Wii. I’ve only played it for about 10 minutes, but it’s fun so far. I can definitely see the only real criticism that I’ve read: that a lot of […]

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  • Danger – High Voltage

    I took this picture a couple of days ago in my office building. It’s not actually in our office itself, but in one of the common areas in the building. Look safe to you? Sure doesn’t look safe to me! Gotta wonder if someone shorted something out and just ran off without telling anyone or […]

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  • Good Weekend

    I’m pleased to say that this has been a good weekend. We went out on Friday with some friends and on Saturday Nick, Pat and Morgan came up and we went to see Labyrinth at the Brattle. Today we chilled out. I cleaned up my car while Corinne made some chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm… cookies. […]

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