• Fucked Up

    I just remembered a weird dream I had last night… well, a part of it anyway. The part that I just remembered was that at one point, I was scratching my ear lobe. Sometimes it just gets a bit dry and I give it a quick scratch and t’sall good. But in my dream, I […]

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  • A Long Awaited Update

    Been a bit over two weeks since my last update. Whoops. Last weekend I went and saw The Host. I liked it. I enjoyed the subtle commentary on Americans and a fun monster that wasn’t bogged down in the “over-scienceing” that many recent movie monsters are subject to. Yesterday was a bit disappointing. I went […]

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  • 300

    Saw 300 at the 12:15 showing last night. All I have to say is that it was an awesome movie. I’ll certainly be seeing it again in the theaters and despite getting to bed at 3 and up at 8:30, it was worth it. Get there when you can.

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  • Vacation In Short

    I wanted to write up a bit of a vacation rundown – as much for me as for anyone else. Thursday 2/22: We got in a bit before 6:00p and didn’t do much. We got our snorkel gear and other odds and ends before heading to dinner. Friday 2/23: Friday was a slow day. We […]

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  • Back In Boston

    We got back a bit earlier today. I uploaded 248 images to my page. You can see them starting here. I’ll give a rundown on the week’s festivities later… maybe. It was a great time all around though. Enjoy the pics!

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